Safety Matters at BE Energy

At BE Energy we focus on the safety of our surroundings by providing personal, operational, local and environmental safety. We have a specific objective to cause no harm to people, no mutilation to the environment and no calamity in our processes.

Cipher Strategy

Our cipher strategy is to succeed in no impairment of any kind whatsoever. To work on this strategy, we focus on four sections of our operations; personal health and safety, process safety, transportation safety and emergency response. BE Energy implements Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) which has increased our standards of a safe environment.

Personal Health and Safety

We teach our staff and workforce the basic procedures of security and safety and the potential threats of working in the environment, so that safety can be ensured. Our procedures are in line with the operations and aims to guide our workforce of any factor that can cause impairment in any sort. Our health programs are thoroughly designed and implemented at global levels.

Process Safety

Our operations aim to provide strict guidelines from the start till the end of our operational activities. We provide a risk and crisis management and systems are designed to halt any mischief, and mitigate it in the best possible way. Proper management systems are employed which alleviate safety and preventive measures.

Transportation Safety

The fuel is transported while following stringent measures of safety and security. We provide guidance and advice on safety measures to our drivers to avoid problems that can be fatal. Potential risks are taken under consideration with absolute bravery and true spirit.

Emergency Response

We have formulated proper guiding principles to try to predict security and crisis threats and prepare our self for the not so foreseeable future. We always strive to show our concerns for the safety of the public and diminish any negative impact on the society. BE Energy has HSE policy regarding health and safety, which are Health, Safety and Environment. Our focus is on the quality of life of our customer, employees and community.