BE The Brand

Our Brand

Our brand gives us vision and direction. It is the foundation which simply describes what we do and what we want to achieve. In 2018, the name of the company changed from “Bakri Energy” to “Be Energy.” It is now our mission to make Be Energy a revolutionary brand name, known for delivering quality, safety, and excellence. Our brand will deliver the promises it makes to its stakeholders and customers; adding value to their purpose.

The brand is imperative to both internal and external growth. Our employees understand the brand promise and commitment which is to be projected. Our customers are our brand ambassadors. We, as a brand, are constantly evolving with the help of effective communication, breakthroughs in technology, fully equipped facilities, and efficient operations to be the no.1 choice partner.

At Be Energy, we have a portfolio of global businesses knit together by one entity, one identity and one team. There are four elements which together form the basis of our creation; simplicity, appeal, universality and business essence.

Our Logo

The Be Energy logo is the one element that unifies and represents our organization. It has been specially designed to symbolize not only our name, but also what we strive for - "our commitment to better energy". The lowercase letters used in the logo are friendly and approachable. The Negative space within letter 'b' represents an oil drop which is the core business of the organization, while the negative space between the letters is a lightning bolt which represents energy. Together the letters create an infinity symbol to show the organization's futuristic approach and commitment towards better energy.