Promising a Better Tomorrow


We believe in the better tomorrow, so we are concentrating on the consequences of our business activities. We are planning to concentrate on the biodiversity of the environment and focus on providing the energy solutions that the people need for the better world. Our focus is types of environmental risks; oil spills from oil tankers and to improve efforts for bio-diversity.

Renewable Energy

Be Energy is aiming to focus on the renewable energy by trying to get connected to the grid which is powered by renewable energy and planning to concentrate on the renewable energy sources for our retail outlets as well. This will eventually help us to reduce dependability on grid power and diesel generators as well as reducing the overall energy cost.


Our storage terminals planted 1384 trees in the year 2016-17, resulting in total plantation of 40,765 trees for our bio-diversity initiative. Be Energy is devoted to encourage bio-diversity at all its operational areas of Pakistan. We have adopted a proactive approach to handle bio-diversity which results in healthy and sustainable environment. Green belts are present at all our retail outlets and terminals, creating an eco park for the society.


Climate change is now an established phenomenon which is complex and a long-term challenge to oil and gas industry. Be Energy is committed and planning to develop policies globally, to address the global warming issue by implementing various mitigation and adaptation standards.


We are planning to put continuous efforts to improve upon the utilization of recycled materials, minimum loss, improve operational efficiency, and reduce material use intensity to make our operations more ideal.

Value to Society

Be Energy has its storage terminals at Port Qasim, Shikarpur in Sindh and Machike in Punjab. Our operations consist of interaction with the local communities during storage, transportation and delivery services. We value our society thus we focus on developing the local communities by creating and giving jobs to the locals. We support health initiatives and skills training programs for these communities, for better prosperity of the society.


Governance plays an important role for the development of the any nation and it is ultimately related to the role of government. Despite all challenges, Be Energy believes that companies like us can play a positive role in strengthening the governance by playing an integral part both; economically and socially.

Employee Benefit

The muscle of any company lies with its human resource. Be Energy has a competent human resource department that enables the employees to perform their best by simplifying tasks, implementing good policies, architecting training modules, developing healthy environment, and maintaining internal relations. We encourage their ideas and creativity which assist our functionality and innovativeness.